Marcasite Jewelry

KCI Marcasite Jewelry

The jewelry we know as Marcasite is made from tiny crystals of Pyrite (Fool’s Gold).  It has been used since the 1400s by the Inca rulers and the Greeks. During the 1860s it became popular by Queen Victoria. After the loss of her husband, Prince Albert in 1861, Queen Victoria adorned herself with dark somber jewelry including marcasite set in sterling silver. Many of the middle class followed Queen Victoria and a marcasite and silver trend was established. The marcasite and sterling silver look lasted through the end of the Art Deco period.

In the marcasite and sterling silver beginning, many pieces were made by hand and the marcasite crystals were set with prongs. Today most of the marcasite jewelry is casted and the marcasite crystals are glued into the silver castings. By this process the labor cost is reduced and the beautiful marcasite pieces are very affordable.

The Ken Craft marcasite jewelry collection includes  very high quality marcasite crystals  hand glued into many beautiful original silver casting designs. Our Marcasite selection garners visions of regal elegance. The combination of regal aesthetics with innovative and inspired design makes for an exhilarating assortment. Each piece is made with selectively sourced stones, providing unmatched quality. If you want to add a distinguished element to your jewelry selection, look no further than our Marcasite Jewelry category.