Opal & Larimar Jewelry

KCI Larimar Jewelry

Larimar is a rare blue variety of Pectolite found only in the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic. Its coloration ranges from white, light blue, green blue to deep blue. The deep blue is the rarest of larimar. Its chemical composition is sodium calcium silicate hydroxide. In 1974, Larimar was discovered by Miguel Mendez and a U.S. peace corp worker, Norman Rilling. Miguel named the stone after his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea (Mar) creating the word Larimar. Shortly thereafter an upstream search found Larimar in the mountain region of the Barahona province. The Chupaderos mine was formed. Today there are many vertical mine shafts open mining for Larimar.

Larimar’s powers are believed to help us view events from different perpespectives. The wearer of Larimar will realize a certain acceptance for things which cannot be changed and experience a feeling of well being. It is a stone to help the wearer reduce stress and anxiety.

Ken Craft has recently purchased a large amount of Larimar raw material and is currently developing a Sterling Silver and Larimar line of sea life. Their Larimar line will also extend to hearts, crosses and spring critter motifs. The larimar line includes rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Since Ken Craft purchased its own Larimar raw material, they are able to give the customer a high quality product at a very competitive price.

KCI Opal Jewelry

The Kyocera Company of Japan invented the polymer-impregnated opal around 1980. This gem stone material is 80% silica and 20% resin. They branded the name Kyocera synthetic opal. This material is color enhanced and is available in 39 shades of color. The blue and white colors are the most popular colors in sterling silver jewelry.

In the jewelry industry there is an argument put forth that the synthetic opal is considered to be imitation opal since it contains substances, (Resin Stabilizers) that are not found in opal in its natural state. The resin stabilizers are what give the stone its hardness and easy to work with in combination with sterling silver.

Recently Ken Craft developed an extensive line of sterling silver and opal jewelry for the Caribbean Islands and cruise line markets. The response to the opal jewelry was overwhelming and the next step was to take it to the T.V. markets, the department store markets and some independent jewelry stores. Kencraft’s opal designs include many sea life motifs, hearts, crosses and flowers along with several spring critters. The opal line has certainly injected some new life into the sterling silver jewelry business.