Plain Silver Jewelry

KCI Plain Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver is defined as an alloy metal made up from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or in some cases a combination of zinc and copper. To be stamped and certified as sterling silver, the metal must contain at least 92.5% silver. The 7.5 % copper or copper zinc combination is to give the metal strength and preserve the beauty of the precious metal.

There are several methods of finishing silver jewelry. Many of Kencraft’s items are plated to protect from tarnishing. A thin flash coat of .99 silver is plated onto the sterling silver piece and then it is heat cured. This process is known as e coating or nano coating. Another process used by Ken Craft manufacturers to protect the jewelry from tarnishing is rhodium plating. The plating processes also protect people with sensitive skin from irritation or discoloration.

We offer an exceptional selection of Italian handcrafted jewelry sourced directly from fine Italian craftsmen that gift each piece with years of tradition, fine precision, and an aesthetic that is revered worldwide. We curate an impressive variety that will undoubtedly bring a sought after European panache and to your offering.